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Over the past week we’ve taken you through a bit of a journey, with our three part mini series on off-ice training for hockey.

  1. In our first video, we talked about weightlifting for hockey, and how periodization should be used to maintain continual strength gains throughout the off-season.
  2. In our second video, we discussed cardio training for hockey, and dove into some deeper discussion on energy systems. With a good understanding of these concepts, you can actually train yourself to be able to skate HARDER, and FASTER, for LONGER, then RECOVER MORE QUICKLY after doing so!
  3. In our third video, we outlined some fundamental nutrition concepts that will allow you to optimize your body composition, making sure that any weight gained is muscle, and any weight lost is fat.

By putting the information we’ve already given you to use, you will be able to increase your strength, speed, explosiveness, recovery time, and size this off season… and these are just the MEASURABLE benefits to executing a well-developed off-ice strength and conditioning program. Players who increase their strength, speed, explosiveness, recovery time, and size always end up playing with more confidence, aggressiveness, intensity, and they usually exhibit the leadership qualities that every coach needs.

In short, these are the ones who become the GO TO players!

Introducing the S3 Formula

Today I wanted to take the chance to walk you through the S3 Formula, which is our web-based strength and conditioning program designed specifically for hockey players, show you how this program incorporates everything we’ve shown you over the past week, and outline how all of this is going to improve your Speed, Strength, and Size, making you a better hockey player, and giving you a HUGE advantage over your opponent!

Within the S3 Formula “Members’ Area,” you’ll find the following sections:

  • Start S3 – This is going to teach you how to use the site, fill out the exercise worksheets, and tell you what equipment you’ll need in order to successfully execute the program.
  • S3 Science – Basically a crash course in strength training and conditioning for hockey. This section is for the folks who want to know WHY we’ve got you doing what you’re going to be doing this off season.
  • Exercise Bank – Contains 59 videos that demonstrate each lift we prescribe in the S3 Formula. These videos are downloadable and can be imported straight into your iPhone or iPod so you can bring them to the gym with you. It’s like having your own personal trainer right beside you, making sure every lift is demonstrated correctly!
  • Materials – Where you’ll find your workbook, which includes a list of equipment needed, your record tracker, worksheets, and a printable exercise guide. This guide comes in handy if you don’t have the ability to bring the exercise bank videos to the gym with you. The materials section also contains an ever growing library of useful articles from highly reputable sources. Some of the topics included in these articles include Strength Training for Youth Athletes, Recovery, Supplementation, and many many more! These articles will give you greater depth and insight into the topic of strength training and conditioning for athletics.
  • Home – We use the Home page for your weekly updates. The S3 Formula off-season program is a 20 week course, designed to improve your Speed, Strength, and Size. Each week has a post, which gives detailed instructions on what you should be doing every step of the way.

Special Instructions for Athletes Under Age 14

Within the members’ area, you’ll also notice we’ve got a special, “must see” link for any athlete under 14 years of age. This video will show you how to adjust the program for our younger athletes to keep it safe and effective.

In-Season Instructions

The S3 Formula is a phenomenal way to increase your Speed, Strength, and Size during the OFF-SEASON, but we want you to keep improving during the IN-SEASON as well… and we haven’t left you hanging! The In-Season information will show you how to modify the program to fit your practice and game schedule, so that your speed, strength and size KEEP improving all year round!!

So, with your S3 Formula membership, you are not only getting unlimited access to the 20 week OFF-SEASON training program, but you are ALSO getting unlimited access to the IN-SEASON program, for a low, one-time fee of just $147.

Team Dryland Module

Now, $147 for everything I’ve just showed you would be an awesome deal in and of itself… but wait! There’s more… when you purchase your membership to the S3 Formula today, you’ll also get access to our TEAM DRYLAND MODULE, which is a special section designed specifically for coaches who plan to use the S3 Formula as a TEAM this season. This section contains my own personal philosophy with respect to team dryland training, ideas and instructions on which types of drills to run, and worksheets to track your players’ progress. The only thing better than physically dominating your opponent this coming season, is physically dominating your opponent this coming season AS AN ENTIRE TEAM! The team dryland module helps you to do just that!

Before moving on, I wanted to let you know you can go ahead and add to cart button below to be taken straight to the sign up page.

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Now… If you’re anything like me, you’re probably interested in seeing some real world results from actual hockey players who faithfully executed the S3 Formula this past season. Here are a few experiences from our current S3’ers:

Let’s start with Nate Hymas. Nate was one of our captains on the BYU Hockey Team. Not only did he faithfully execute the S3 Formula during the off-season, but he documented his progress too… including pictures! You can see a drastic change in Nate’s physique from the beginning to the end of the program, and we saw a drastic change in Nate’s performance on the ice! He was leaner, stronger, faster, and became one of our go-to players!

Here’s an email I received from Robert Peters in Canada, whose boy was 14 when he started the program, 15 now:

Here’s one from Daniel in New Brunswick, Canada, whose boy is also 14 years old. Daniel had talked to me about his boy’s situation before signing up for the S3 Formula. Basically, his boy was trying out for his high school’s varsity team as a freshman, and he wanted to give his son as good a chance as possible at making the team. Here’s the rest of the story in his own words:

So, obviously the program works really well with high school and college aged athletes… but how about older people? Here’s one more experience from a weekend warrior who wanted to improve his men’s league performance:

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At this point, we’ve taken a walk together inside the S3 Formula, you know exactly what you’re getting with your membership to the program and how it will benefit you, and you’ve seen the power of the S3 Formula when its executed on a consistent basis by it’s participants!

You see, hockey is a unique sport. When it comes to off-ice strength training and conditioning, we are WAY behind the curve compared to other sports… just think about your current team, or any hockey team you’ve ever played on… how many of those players were in the weight room with any form of consistency? In my experience, that number is usually one to three, even at very high levels of play… and it’s hit or miss whether these players are actually executing a properly developed program, specific to hockey.

Make it Happen!

So, what does all this mean? It means you can gain a SERIOUS advantage over your competition with a solid strength and conditioning program like the S3 Formula.

I want you to be a part of this program, and see the same success that our current members are having. So, I’d like to make this a completely risk-free proposition for you by offering my 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee. If, for any reason, you decide the S3 Formula isn’t the right fit for you, simply notify me within 30 days for a complete refund. No questions asked.

So that’s it! Go ahead and click the orange add to cart button below, get signed up for the program, and we’ll see you on the inside!!

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